var input = document.createElement('input');



Name Type Description
customError Boolean The element’s custom validity message has been set to a non-empty string by calling the element’s setCustomValidity() method.
badInput Boolean The element has incomplete input and the user agent does not think the user ought to be able to submit the form in its current state.
patternMismatch Boolean The value does not match the specified pattern.
rangeOverflow Boolean The value is greater than the maximum specified by the max attribute.
rangeUnderflow Boolean The value is less than the minimum specified by the min attribute.
stepMismatch Boolean The value does not fit the rules determined by the step attribute (that is, it’s not evenly divisible by the step value).
tooLong Boolean

The value exceeds the specified maxlength for HTMLInputElement or Note: This will never be true in Gecko, because elements’ values are prevented from being longer than maxlength.

typeMismatch Boolean The value is not in the required syntax (when type is email or url).
valid Boolean The element meets all constraint validations, and is therefore considered to be valid.
valueMissing Boolean The element has a required attribute, but no value.



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